Analysis Objects

Canonical. Composable. Reusable.

Analysis Objects form the backbone for Yaap’s programming model providing unparalleled composability, modularity, and re-usability. Analysis Objects implement lightweight-stateless computations that decouple application logic from data. Specified as simple R or Python programs using the RyP API, they can be used stand-alone (e.g. in Data Science Toolkits), or in-conjunction with one another (Decision Templates, Yaap Composer).

Data Science Toolkits

Use instead of build

Yaap toolkits provide Analysis Objects that implement 108 of the most useful data science algorithms ranging from segmentation to numerical analysis, data mining to machine learning. Instead of building from scratch, jump into experimentation through a simple, intuitive, drag and drop interface.

Decision Templates

Solve problems, like experts do.

Decision Templates allow you to simultaneously analyze data along a variety of dimensions, and structure reports as a domain expert would. This not only helps you ask the right questions and draw key implications, but also uncovers insights that would generally be missed by the untrained eye. Implemented as a collection of R or Python Analysis Objects, that are easy to customize further, our Decision Templates can dynamically process data from a variety of sources.

Yaap Composer

Lego-like Assembly

Yaap includes a powerful drag and drop tool that is used to interconnect Analysis Objects to create Data Science algorithms. The Yaap runtime translates your visual specification to the optimal implementation, and provides the ability to tweak implementations as desired. You can also use pre-existing Analysis Objects from Data Science Toolkits and others, such as for optimized for data blending, to create algorithms incrementally.

RyP Framework

Reusable Analysis Objects

RyP is a data-science API that was designed to dramatically simplify the development of complex analytic programs. Built on advances in programming language technology, RyP lets users create reusable, high performance Analysis Objects in R and Python with less code, and built-in optimizations. These Analysis Objects can be deployed on Yaap for optimized execution, or on any standard R and Python environment.

Decision Template Store

Eliminate time to deliver

Yaap reduces the installation of entire analytic solution to a single button click. Our integrated multi-tenant delivery environment, inspired by the conveniences of an app store, lets you host, share, and publish Analysis Objects, and Decision Templates. Users can simply subscribe to Decision Templates at the click of a button instead of having to build from scratch or configure. Similarly, analysts and data scientists can write once, and deploy repeatedly.

Rapid Asymptotic Learning

Machine Learning for Guidance

Rapid Asymptotic Learning, RAtL, encapsulates bleeding-edge research with the vision of having an expert coach walk you through your reports. Our technology is based on a proprietary ensemble of machine learning algorithms that combine statistical, recommendation and personalization technologies to learn rapidly, even in the presence of small, or frequently changing data-sets. Unlike traditional approaches, RAtL optimizes for speed and pragmatism, providing domain-specific directionally correct insights that personalize to a given end user, and improve over time.


So fast, it seems easy

The Yaap runtime is the worlds fastest analytics engine. With novel advances in scheduling technology and memory management designed bottoms-up for emerging analytics workloads Yaap runtime includes sophisticated optimizations. Analysis Objects in Yaap perform 5-20x faster than Spark without any startup overheads for real world workloads up to 10 Million rows. Yaap’s no-Index Dynamic DB technology makes it the fastest in-memory data base making interactive exploration a reality

In the cloud, performance directly translates to cost savings, and increased productivity.


Safe and convenient

While cloud is the future of computing, every organizations enjoys a particular flavors of it. Yaap provides convenient options to deploy on both public and private cloud environments. Private cloud implementations offer several further customizations to match the enterprises organizational requirements. To learn about this option please contact sales.

Data Compatibility

Connect, instead of configure

Today, knowingly and sub-consiously, you collect a goldmine of data. This data may exist in your transaction logs, operational records, or in external media like web-streams. Yaap seamlessly interfaces with a variety of data sources, and data-types ranging from large electronic data warehouses, to streaming, and structured / semi-structured feeds. With advanced capabilities to automate the entire ETL pipeline including data normalization and cleanup, Yaap reduces data interfacing to a simple point and click.

Visual Exploration

Instantly Drill Down

Discovery is an iterative process that requires both speed and agility. Yaap enables users to effortlessly look at challenges from different angles. Unlike other approaches requiring a Data Scientist to build a new analytic, a user can simply select another analytic template and continue their exploration. Apart from simplicity, what makes Yaap unique is the ability to scale from Megabytes to Gigabytes of data seamlessly using our proprietary Adaptive Sampling technology

Real-Time Collaboration

Communicate, Co-operate, Co-create

Yaap was designed bottoms up for collaboration and convenient iterations, keeping in mind the fact that the consumers of data science are often separated from operators by organizational layers and concerns. As a platform Yaap is unique in providing a spectrum of features that seamlessly brings together business, analyst and IT users to a common, interactive, source of truth. From simple intuitive interfaces that allow you to share, and collaborate on reports and Storyboards, to complex capabilities like the Decision Template Store and Widgets IDE, Yaap provides the most comprehensive platform for collaborative data science.

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