Instead of asking one question at a time, look at a range of interconnected issues.

Yaap decision templates package a curated set of application objects (analyses and models) to exhaustively explore a topic along different dimensions. With thousands of application objects, and hundreds of decision templates, Yaap offers the most convenient starting point for any analytic exploration. Simply connect to data sources and automate entire reporting and data mining work streams.

Yaap templates are canonical allowing reuse across a variety of domains, simultaneously.

Each decision template packages application objects in a hierarchical manner going from simple oversight, to deeply domain specific in a naturally progressive manner.

Touch any solid orange dot to reveal the next set of objects.


Reuse in-action

Churn analytics is one of the most widely used applications of big-data, ranging from topics like product mix selection in the retail stores, to targeting and categorization for online marketing.

This decision template provides a collection of analyses ranging from simple KPIs to complex forecasting models. Connect it to PoS transaction data for understand trends in a retail context. Connect it to web-traffic logs to use for digital marketing insights or retention analytics.

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