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Our Journey so far

Jan 23

Yaap: Automated Advising Platform

  • Yaap Compute Server—6x faster than AWS hardware, 10x cheaper.
  • RyP optimizing compiler, and interchangeability between R and Python
  • Big data optimizations and commercial use cases in IOT, Healthcare, Data Center.
  • RAtL v3—Most Decision frameworks upgraded to use RAtL hooks.
Nov 23


  • Custom Solution Interfaces—with entirely automated end-to-end data pipelines.
  • Over 1000 simultaneous users on cloud platform.
Aug 23


  • Performance Optimizations—memory & scheduler optimizations beyond in-memory, multi-tenent app-store, custom DB layer with join interfaces
  • Widgets IDE, RAtL, 70% of Yaap is generated by programs.
  • RAtL v2 and real-world testing.
  • Redesign and language for UI interfaces.
Jan 23

Yaap: Analytics Application Platform

  • BMGF expands—over 100 accounts, users from 8 countries, 4 different projects.
  • Python repaces SQL. RyP v1, Big Data interfaces in Hadoop and Spark, Toolkits expand to statistics, data-mining, clustering etc.
Dec 23


  • Expand from Retail, to Healthcare, Operations, etc verticals.
  • Automated Script Generation, Interactive Drilldowns
Jun 23


  • Toolkits for forecasting, cohorts, geo-spatial and visual analytics // Storyboards and collaboration interfaces
  • RAtL v1. prototype and initial ideas.
  • Real world deployments at 12 enterprises.
Mar 23


  • Visualization Engine, 40+ data sources, Automated cleanup / ingestion, App Store
  • BMGF generic performance tracking.
Dec 23

Yes, Another Analytics Platform

v2. Universal data model, R & SQL programs, NO DB architecture.
Jun 23

Yaap v1.

Go automatically from data to insights for Retail Analytics.